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Impact. It’s kind of what we live for here at Dopper. And few things are quite as impactful as experiencing something firsthand. Knowing that, in February/March 2020 Dopper is organising the Water & Waste Academy Week.

The what now? An educational trip to Nepal, during which the whole Dopper team – including yours truly - will learn what it’s like to not have access to clean water. What our work here truly means for people over there. And why it’s very much needed.

We’ll visit Dopper’s local projects, speak to the community and learn about their challenges surrounding water and waste. Additionally, we’ll support the impactful work of our long-standing partner Simavi by undertaking a challenging 50km sponsored trek through the Himalayas. Dopper is starting us off by donating an inspiring sum. But every cent helps. To create a (crystal clear) wave of impact. Drop by drop.

Follow the link to donate for crystal clear water. In every ocean, from every tap.

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Nepal needs change FAST. Plastic is EVERYWHERE! I have been traveling through Nepal last December. Even in very remote areas, high up in the beautiful mountains you’ll find plastic. Locals and tourist just dump their trash. I have to say that Nepal is the most beautiful country I have ever visited and the people are incredibly kind. It makes me extremely sad to see their beautiful nature being destroyed by plastic. Also because they depend on nature for their livelihoods. By supporting Simavi we improve access to clean water and make sure the Nepalese become less depended on single-use plastic water bottles. By participating in a sponsored trek through the Himalayas I hope to raise (more) financing for Simavi and with that change for Nepal! For Nepal, I'm asking you for a donation. Namaste!


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