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In the first week of March I will go to Nepal with Dopper for the Water & Waste Academy Week. This will be an educational trip where we will learn what it's like to not have access to clean water and how that affects every bit of your life and health. We will witness first hand why we work so hard to make sure everyone will have access to clean drinking water.

We will visit Dopper's local project with our charity partner Simavi and speak to the communities and learn about their challenges regarding water and waste. Because just clean drinking water isn't enough for a healthy life if there is no way to deal with waste.

We will also take on a trek through the Himalayas that will be quite the challenge. Can you imagine me doing such a thing. Yes, I've been training like crazy but still quite nervous about this. As you know I'm not one for sports.

I would also like to contribute to the project(s) to make sure everyone has a fair chance of clean drinking water. It's insane that in a country with one of the biggest fresh water sources there are still many people cut off from healthy drink water and proper waste facilities and sanitation. Would you also like to help these people and support me on this experience? Great!

For each donation I will personally thank you but to give a little more incentive:
For 10 euros donated: I will (try to) do a handstand along the way to the summit of Poon Hill while shouting your name and thanking you (will send this afterwards).
For 20 euros donated: I will make a personal photograph along the way just for you! (no expectations please)
For 50 euros donated: I will make a short personal vlog on our way up the hill that you will get when we're back (no internet up the hill)

Thanks for supporting and remember together we can accomplish anything. Also you're awesome and you should know it. MUCH LOVE <3 <3 <3

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The impact these projects have on the communities.


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