Hike For Health Dopper edition (Caitlin)



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During the Dopper Water & Waste Academy week, Team Dopper is going to Nepal for education en learning purposes. We will be visiting the projects that we support through our local charity partner Simavi, we will challenge ourselves during a 50km hike through the Himalayas and we will endeavour to learn everything we can about Water and Waste in Nepal.

But that's not all! In an attempt to give thanks to Dopper for providing us with this amazing opportunity to learn and experience and covering all costs for their employees, I want to also give back - by raising even more funds for these local communities!

Here is how! For each amount generously donated, I will attempt to perform a special - and personalised - action in Nepal.

1-5 Eur - I will send you a personal "thank you"
5+ Eur - I will send you a picture of me, giving you a big thumbs up
10 Eur - I will do a cartwheel in the Himalayas
20 Eur - I will do a dance in the Himalayas (you can pick the song)
30 Eur - Peak Push Ups (30 reps, at 3000 meters) and I will send you proof
40 Eur+ - I will do all of the above, PLUS I will make you a zine, including some thoughts and pictures of my time in Nepal



Mijn motivatie

We take safe drinking water and sanitation for granted, but don't realise that 3.4 million people die as a result of water related diseases each year, making it a leading cause of disease and death around the world. I want to help make a change!


€ 3000
Door Dopper
Good luck!
€ 60
Door Ciska
Good luck & enjoy Basecamp 😉
€ 30
Door Stuart
it’s a very nice thing you’re doing good luck x
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Over Simavi

Een gezond leven voor iedereen

Want wie gezond is, kan zich ontwikkelen en zo uit de armoedespiraal komen. Ontdek ons nieuws en de verhalen per thema.

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